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Hello just posting this here so you can get in contact with me when I'm not on my main


Basäl Assassin (alt + 0228)
Ziest Sorcerer
Adazar Juggernaut
Elrecov Marauder
Alras'tiali Sniper
Nam'lis Operative
Pandaj Powertech
Lalkerr Mercenary
Zo'jast Assassin
Chal'reedia Powertech
Rarorr Juggernaut
Aalaizzia Sorcerer

O'hagen Vanguard
Cessosos Commando
Thicer Shadow
Rizar Guardian
Nam'les Scoundrel
Rännan (ä = alt+0228) Sentinel
Vothat Gunslinger
Zorvivi Sage

If all else fails you can hit me up on skype Chrisbishop879 Include your main characters name in the add request
#11573220 Sep 28, 2015 at 02:29 AM
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Updated for Name changes on Harbinger
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