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#10584471 Jan 27, 2015 at 08:26 AM
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Guild meeting notes:

See vi'lux for ranked pvp wants to get a team he will help with gear too need 3 more he is a healer

For recruitmemt use discretion when inviting people if you are unsure direct them to eather gidia lokkur or basal recruitment form soon to come on the webpage and guild overview on Swtor forums

Wanting to get together a HM ops group see kracket for info we are also helping with gear runs will happen weekends need 8 people with a few for back up 2 healer spots taken (Gidia and Vi'lux) 1 tank (Basal) required gear is 168+ ratings

New member meetings are every saturday if we have an influx of members going over ops pvp how the guild works

Guild Events: datacron hunts, world boss hunts Seeker and macrobinoculars missions. see the schedule for runs

Looking for people to run the republic side guild recruitment and for ones with high levels ops runs

2.9! cant tell much details are sparce but this guild will have a stronghold and guild ship more info to come
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